SMSF Property Investing: Are You Your Own Hero?

There are many different approaches that your self-managed superannuation funds when investing. There are many different aspects of investing in an SMSF before creating a fund for you. Many different skills are needed and knowledge that you must have experience with before creating your fund. If you are well educated, and you contain the skills that are needed, you will be your own investment hero.

Property Investment

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) allow you to purchase a residential investment property. The only catch to this; however, is that investment must pass the sole-purpose test. The test establishes whether or not your investment provides benefits to a member’s dependents if the member dies before retirement. Rental income and capital growth must be the sole focus for making the investment. When making a property investment, there must be no motive in living on the premises yourself. If you create an SMSF for the purpose of gaining the most from the property, you could be charged due to the nature of the investment fund. If you are interested in creating an SMSF, and you have questions, a financial advisor is recommended.

SMSF Property Investment Acquisitions

Certain requirements must be met before you manage a property investment through your SMSF. A minimum balance of $120,000 is required and access to necessary finances to manage a direct purchase of property through your SMSF. This is a tough task to complete on your own no matter how much experience you have had with your SMSF. It is advised that you seek professional advice when going through this process. Making a property purchase through your SMSF is a significant change to your investment portfolio. It is wise that you research and have a financial advisor help you through the process. In addition to this property investment, it is also beneficial to you and your investment to consider trustees to be invited to your SMSF. This will allow the monetary origin of the investment to be divided between multiple people rather than just yourself. This will alleviate the financial decision on one person and distribute it among multiple investors.

Other Property Investment Facts

Other factors that you as an investor must know is that you can set up a corporate trustee structure for your investment. The trustee structure is where up to four members can be directors of the trustee corporation. The directors of the investment decide where to invest the fund’s capital. Within this type of fund, you can invest part of your super and finance to purchase commercial or residential real estate. This does not mean that your self-managed super fund can be used for vacant land. The property then becomes an asset that is owned and controlled by the directors of the fund itself. The property must be tenanted, but the tenant cannot be a fund owner, trustee of relatives.

The property is investing with SMSF there are many different aspects of the capital that need to be managed within the restrictions of the fund. It is important that you know the limitations on the investment before committing to the investment itself. Many financial advisors can assist you in the decision-making process, and this assistance can be for at

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